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Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Dante, Lola, and Zuko

Dante and Lola were imported from France to California from the world renowned German breeder Dr Peter Obschernicat of Ye Japha Ridgebacks. They come from European champion lines extending to the famous Glenaholm Jolly Jinx from South Africa. Dr Obschernicat is a veterinarian specializing in Rhodesian Ridgebacks, thus his dogs are the epitome of health. Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks does not breed their dogs for hunting and we will not sell any puppies or offer any stud services to individuals interested in using them as hunting dogs.

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Meet Dante

Male Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dante was born in France near the Swiss Alps and was brought to Santa Barbara, California when he was four months old. He comes from renowned the Ye Japha Ridgebacks in France. He has grown into a handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback with excellent conformation, lean, muscular, red wheaten in color. In addition to his athletic prowess, he is friendly, playful, intelligent, and very affectionate

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Dante's Journey

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Meet Lola

Female Rhodesian Ridgeback

Lola was born in Germany, then raised in Brittany until she was four months old. She was brought from Ye Japha Ridgebacks in France four years ago to California as a puppy. She has grown into a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback with excellent conformation and a sought after mask. She is intelligent, loyal, calm, and affectionate.

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Lola's Journey

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Meet Zuko of Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Zuko was obtained from Shadowridge Ridgebacks in Sacramento 11 years ago.  Although not part of the breeding program at Skydancer Ridgebacks, Zuko is definitely an integral part of the family.

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Get in touch with Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks of Santa Barbara if you're interested in stud services from Dante. At this time, there are no puppy litters planned for 2020. Please tell us a little about yourselves and the female Ridgeback you would like to breed Dante with.

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Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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