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All About Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Founded in Santa Barbara, California

Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 2016 by Dr. Edmund J. Marroquin, a Harvard educated physician. Having previously owned two American bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dr. Marroquin went to France to get a female puppy from the the renowned master breeder at Ye Japha Ridgebacks, Dr. Peter Obschernicat. The mission of Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks is to breed champion Ridgebacks that not only meet and exceed conformation standards, but have excellent, health, intelligence, disposition, and personalities. Our philosophy at Skydancer is to breed dogs with exceptional athleticism and disposition, as well as loving family companions. They are in no way bred to be aggressive or as hunting dogs.  Dr. Marroquin wanted his Rhodesian Ridgebacks to have close blood ties with their South African ancestry. He found that the Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs carefully bred in Germany and France by Dr. Obschernicat had all of these qualities and more, which is why he chose to travel to Europe to obtain his first breeding dam. The sire for Skydancer Rhodesian Ridgebacks was later obtained in France from the breeder Dr. Obschernicat.

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